Wednesday, November 17, 2010


If you want to see persistance in action, please come see Abigail.  This little girl is the picture of persistance.  She has just spent 15 minutes on the living room floor trying to roll over inches from Bear's Bob the Builder crane.  She was trying to reach her binky.  When she finally got rolled over (how exactly she fit in that spot, I am not sure) she decided to play with her plastic rings instead.....but that was her choice and she made it.  I guess after all that work she had earned the right to decide what to play with.

I wonder how persistant I am in doing what God wants me to do.  Often I start out with gusto, but end up with a wimper......I get tired, I can't see the end of the line.  I want results RIGHT NOW and get frustrated working with nothing to show for it.  I wonder how often I miss the blessing of the journey.  I also find it interesting to think that oftentimes at the end of the journey there may be a better toy than the one I began reaching for (just ask Abby).  I've got to keep going!  Keep working, keep reaching and never give up. 

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