Sunday, November 14, 2010

Life Happens

I'm here :)  Just been busy.

My extended family imploded, causing a lot of issues for us.  By God's grace, mercy and great friends we are making it through.  We are, however, going to be moving.  When we moved in here 7 years ago, I swore we would never move again.  I will never, ever say that again.  I hate to move, with a passion.  We "settled" here....acquired stuff I never dreamed of needing to move.....acquired 2 more children and all their "stuff".....but it is what it is....I will manage and I know we will be better for it in the end.

Packing, or planning to pack has become a part of every day here.  For the most part we have all the seasonal stuff and collectibles packed up and in storage to be dealt with later.  We will be spending Christmas here (I believe anyway) so I am thinking about holiday decorating.  Thinking of new traditions for the kids.  Mentally busy.

Abby moves her walker....and rolls all over the living room.  That is keeping me busy.  Cleaning and decluttering to keep the house ready to "show" keeps me busy.  School planning, playing with Bear, knitting for sale and gifts.....all keep me busy.

I have found, though, that during this time I have found extra time to spend with God, His word and His spirit.  I am learning so much about my God and expectations, my attitudes, my deficiencies and making new goals for myself.  I am so glad that I haven't walked through the last 8 weeks alone....God has been carrying me and has sent others to walk with me along the way.

My little family is so great!  I always knew that, but we have "pulled ranks" and are really enjoying each other, learning about each other......we are here for each other. 

Well, my baby is fussing so I'm going to try to put her back to sleep.  I hope to post more.  Love you, friends!

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