Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Listening to Myself Think

I am dangerous if I get to thinking for a while....real dangerous.  You are lucky that it doesn't happen very often. 

For many years I struggled just to get the basics done and often times wondered what all the fuss was about with colorful curtains, a "dressed" bed, throw pillows and blankets, fancy towels, etc.  I had enough trouble keeping food on the table and clothes clean....there wasn't any money for anything extra.  I always equated "pretty" with "money".  We didn't have money to make or buy fancy throw pillows, or nice curtains, bed sets, beautiful pictures for the walls. 

We still don't have any money and if we do manage to come across some, we tend to spend it making memories rather than on things (or on things to make memories with LOL).  I am learning though, that pretty can be achieved easily with things on hand. 

I am not God's gift to housekeeping......in fact, there is a whole nother world above my standard of housekeeping, but in all honesty, I try my best with what I have.  I try to make things pretty and I try not to spend all my time fussing at the kids about the messes.  The messes will clean up sometime....the memories, I hope, will last forever.  It is hard.  Some days I just want to scream.  You can tell when I've reached my limit.  I figure one day, in about 18 years, my house....my decorating.....will be up to some kind of societal standard.  At this point, I don't really care. 

Acquiring things isn't a very good goal to have.  LOL  I am beginning to understand that as I started to pack....we have so much junk.  Some of it is reasonable stuff that we have used or will use in the future.  Some things need to be kept for future generations.  Most of what I have a tendency to acquire doesn't meet any of those criteria though.  I have already gotten rid of loads of stuff and hope to get rid of more....MY stuff :)  I'm trying very hard to leave everyone elses junk alone. 

As I am packing, and grouching, I am trying to think of those pioneer women, who moved everything they needed in a covered wagon......all the food, clothing and household supplies they would need to reach their destination and set up house once they got there.  Can you imagine?  Our favorite saying while packing for a trip is "there's always a walmart if we forget something".  No stores, no way to get things if you forgot it or ran out on the way.  Those women were something!  I believe that most lived happy, fullfilling lives out there with their families....making a future for themselves and the ones they loved.  Maybe you could just drop us out in the middle of nowhere to live in a little log cabin.....make sure to pack our TV, laptop and cell phones please :)

Aren't you glad I don't think very often?  I guess there isn't really a point to this post.  You can call it a "getting to know me" post.  This is how I think.  When I have the time and energy to do it.

Have a great evening! 

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