Saturday, March 27, 2010

Almost April

First my completed reading for the week:
The Face of a Killer by Robin Burcell

Now then,
It has been an interesting week. As predicted the doctor gave me another round of antibiotics. I am feeling much better. However, my blood pressure was up. Not alarmingly high, but high enough that we got a 1-week appt. and an ultrasound for this Monday - day after tomorrow. I am eager to see our baby girl, check position, fluid levels, etc. I am a little concerned that I am carrying too much fluid again, but we will see.

The most interesting thing this week is that I have been having contractions. Strong enough, ya feel them contractions. Probably braxton hicks, but stronger than I am used to. I find this interesting because I haven't ever went into labor on my own. All 3 of my boys were induced, although I was "almost" in labor with Bear......I had contractions the night before induction and was dialated to a 3 by the time I got to the hospital. If it wasn't for the high fluid level requiring the induction he might have actually shown up on his own....LOL So I find the feeling of non-medication-induced contractions interesting. I sure would like to have this baby come on her own, but we will see about that. They have all managed to get here, one way or the other :)

Been trying to do a lot of cleaning....projects that need to be done. My energy level very rarely lasts to the end of the list though. And it turned off cold again, just when I was planning to work in my flower and herb beds. LOL There is always next week.

The older 2 boys went with Grandma and Grandpa RVing in southern IL this weekend. It is a first trip together thing and I think that they are having a lot of fun. I sure have missed them. Bear plays for a while by himself, but he is used to having the others around somewhat so it has been difficult for him and exhausting for me. Tomorrow Norman is off work and the boys will be home, so we will have made it through :)

I guess that is all here. I will update again after the doctor's appt. Monday unless there isn't anything to update.......Have a good weekend!

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