Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Gregory Robert turns 10 tomorrow! Happy Birthday sweetheart :) We got him a new electric acoustic guitar last week - exactly what he was wanting. He has been enjoying it so very much. He is a joy to our family and I am so very thankful that God placed him in our lives 10 years ago.

Despite the current festivities (he chose chocolate cake with chocolate icing and ice cream for dessert tomorrow), I have had the grouchy/grumpies for a few days. I have no idea why. Maybe just hit the "exhausted and I don't want to" part of pregnancy. There are many things to do and I just don't feel like doing any of them. LOL I hear pregnant women talk all the time about nesting, but I never really feel that urge. Usually I go the other way.....the further along I get, the less I care....about anything :) It doesn't help that I have been reading rather than doing projects.

Norman has been working on my new pantry. I am very excited to have it done soon. He and the boys installed the track lighting today. It is really coming along. Goodbye to having food stacked up everywhere after a big shopping trip!

Bear is being a typical 2 year old also. That probably isn't helping my disposition any. LOL Today he couldn't make up his mind....inside or out? When the cold front swept through I made up his mind for him and of course, he didn't like that any. Greg finally found something to entertain him. Yeah, Greg!

Completed reading list for this week:
Act of the Apostles
Under the Dome by Stephen King (haven't read a King book in quite a while and this one was very good. Over 1000 pages, but very good!)

We have a doctor's appt. on Monday. Looking forward to Monday.....I think that Mom and I will be going to Terre Haute after my appt. That is sure to improve my mood :) Chinese food, here I come!

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