Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It Has Been a Bad Day

I tend to have these sometimes when I'm not pregnant so I guess I shouldn't feel immune when I am. Some people just have the ability to bring out the worst in me.

Facebook is an interesting forum for conversation. Did you know that people can delete the things they say (after they said them) leaving you looking like the donkey's behind when the whole thing is over? Yeah, happened to me yesterday. LOL I should have known better. I am frustrated about something and managed to get in an argument with someone that I knew couldn't make it better. Even though to read the stuff this guy posts (and then deletes when called on it) you would think that he had all the clout in the world. I get so frustrated when I feel like my kids are being wronged.....I know that doesn't justify my behavior......I needed a little bigger dose of that Christian love......but that's how it goes.

I find friendship to be fickle too sometimes. I always make friends with forever in mind....but I guess others don't. That makes me sad and confused and is probably why I am actually typing this at 2:30 a.m.

And why don't I get anything but trash comments to my blog? LOL If I get one more link to viagra in my blog post comments I am gonna scream!

Norman is on vacation. That means it is fishing time :) I am glad he got to spend the whole day out on the lake (and for once it seems the boat was working perfectly!). I forget that it takes hours to clean all those fish when he comes home. I had Bear all day and he was a sweetheart and we spent most of the day at mom's house, but I thought when Norman came home I would be off duty. In dealing with the stuff I shouldn't have had to be dealing with I was tired! But it was 10 p.m. before he came in and took over Daddy duty. And I could have had Bear asleep before that if Daddy wouldn't have been outside. LOL Ironic, huh? I think they are doing it again tomorrow, too. Hope we don't wear out our welcome at Mom's house.

Why again am I blogging at 3 a.m.? Oh yeah, pregnancy and stress induced insomnia. LOL

I've been reading a lot. Not going to post the titles cause most of them have already returned to the library or my Mom's house. I am a better reader than a blogger I guess. Use your imagination.....mostly romance and mysteries.

The baby is doing well. Norman decided to name her Abigail Caroline. My blood pressure has been normal now for 2 visits so I guess that was a one time issue.......good thing I didn't check it today though. LOL Probably would have been high. I have been having a lot of contractions - ironically none today. LOL Apparently they are not stress induced. And I walked a mile slowly with Bear and was the best day for contractions by far. I love to feel her moving around in there.......I just can't wait to meet her. I am so excited to have a daughter.

Maybe I can somehow teach her to keep her mouth shut when people act like dummies on facebook..........I am sure by the time she is old enough to know any better there will be something better than facebook.

Maybe I have dumped enough of my mind to sleep now. Maybe. I am hopeful. I've been praying but I don't feel easy about the problem.....maybe it is my reaction to the people involved that I don't feel peace about. Maybe I need to pray some more. Or get some sleep for the 1st time in 2 days. Or a combination of the 2.

If you have taken the time to read through this mess, either here or on facebook, please pray for me. I need control of my tongue - or fingers as the case may be (NOTE TO SELF - you don't have to respond to people who are being snooty - even if it is about an issue with your kids) and I need to learn patience and I need some sleep. Not particularly in that order.

Tomorrow should be another good day. Please God, help me to enjoy it!

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Angela said...

I hear you about friendships. I make them with forever in mind too.9 times out of 10 they that's not the case for them.

As I was reading your post, two things came to mind, 1)Mamma said there'd be day's like this 2)I had a day like this yesterday.

I hope things look up for you.