Saturday, May 08, 2010

38 weeks 2 days

That's how far along I am.

I love being pregnant, really I do, but at this time in the game I am done. D O N E done. At the last ultrasound 2 weeks ago, baby Abby weighed an estimate of 6 lbs 11 ozs. I do realize that is an estimate and that it can be off +/- .5 to 1 lb either way. EITHER WAY. So she might not have been that big......or she might have been a giant. One way or the other. Dr. Schulties is generally not impressed with my baby growing skills. At last week's appt. he said that this Monday (May 10th) we would be scheduling the induction. Now, you would think that the over-cooked pregnant woman would jump at the chance to be induced. You would be forever wrong. You see, I have been induced all 3 other times I was pregnant. Lee and Greg were induced at 40 weeks (on their due dates) and Bear was induced 11 days early (high fluid levels). I've never went into labor on my own.....never had the excitement of rushing to the hospital......never been able to labor for even part of the operation in the relative comfort of my own home. I would really love this time to be different. I also dread a long labor. Here are my stats so far - start to finish - Leland no dilation or anything 28 hrs., Gregory no dilation or anything 15 hrs., Bear dilated to 3 cm upon arrival at hospital 6 hrs. I am also one of the dummies that refuses pain medication. LOL Now you understand my reluctance to have a long drawn out labor. I would really like to have a repeat of Bear's delivery (minus the hour or so it took them to stitch up things that shouldn't need to be stitched up afterwards - without pain medication again I might add - although I would have gladly taken the pain medication at that point - but the nurses were too busy dealing with bad lighting and excessive bleeding on my part). Sooooo.....when we go to the appt. on Monday, if I am dilated, I will be agreeable to whenever the dr. wants to induce.....Norman would prefer Tuesday. LOL If I am not dilated I am going to beg and plead that we wait for Friday the 14th.....just to give little miss an opportunity to assist a little in the process. I will note that I have been having contractions of varying strengths for about 3 weeks now......3 WEEKS. Yeah.....and probably it is my luck that I have made NO progress. I guess we will see Monday. So there ya go. Probably way more information than you wanted. I bet ya like my logic though.....don't ya???? LOL

Oh, and the viagra comments have stopped, thank I have comments about various herbal supplements and modeling agencies. Like anyone would hire me at a modeling agency. (rolling eyes)

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