Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Homekeeping Happenings

Things around here have been very quiet. It is a dreary, rainy day...even week around here. The temps have risen to the 50's and the snow is all melted. The boys had to go from snow sledding to mud sledding. Currently, they are wittling sticks on the kitchen floor.

School is going well. We are studying Jamestown and the Pilgrims. I really enjoy this time in American History so that makes the study especially enjoyable for me. I taped some educational shows from that time period off the History Channel and we watched one this afternoon (about the building of the GodSpeed - ship that brought settlers from England to Jamestown). The boys really enjoyed it.

Baby Bear is a little fussy. I think that he may be teething. Shortly I will bathe him and spend some time with a lotion massage. That always seems to calm him down. We watched the first part of a new Baby Einstein video about sign language today. The older boys picked up the signs for baby, mommy, daddy and kiss very quickly. I hope that we will be able to naturally work them into our daily lives so that Baby Bear will pick them up quickly in due time.

I have got to finish cleaning my closet and find the rest of my material. And I am still working on the LONE sock.

I am reading through the Bible and am in Deuteronomy. There is a lot of good stuff in there. I hope to share by the end of the week some of the things that I have learned. If you haven't already noticed, I did manage to finish my article on biblical submission and have posted it below. I will add another post with links to websites that promote biblical submission.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful week. Spring will be on its way soon enough!

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