Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Long overdue update

I can't believe that it has been so long since I posted!!!!! I really must be busy, or lazy......

Here is an update in the most organized manner possible:

The tournament went well. It was by far the most un-organized event I have ever attended. I needed a Valium after about 10 mins. of being there. Everyone did well, though. Lee got a 2nd in weapons and a 4th in forms. Gregory scored 2 4th's (weapons and forms) and Norman won 1st in forms. Mr. G. got a 3rd in sparring. I was proud of them all :)
It was very late driving home. We didn't even leave Chicago until almost 7. I think that we got home around 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

This past week......
Has been typical :) I got a shawl and the slipper socks mailed off to Aunt B. She called and said that she really enjoyed them. I was thankful to have them done. I won't be doing any more knitting for her until after my Christmas knitting is done. I finished the pink baby blanket and the scarf for A. The camo yarn that I ordered for N.'s scarf hasn't arrived yet. I am hoping that it will appear sometime tomorrow. I will really have to work but I think that I can get a scarf done by Friday. We went to the library today and I checked out 2 books. I have no idea when I think I will have time to read them :) Maybe while we are gone.

Current News
The doctor's office called the other day and the insurance has approved infertility treatments. I am excited and apprehensive all at the same time. I will call and arrange an appointment after we are back from our trip.
Which brings me to our plans for Thanksgiving :) We are going to visit Norman's family in Metropolis. The day after Thanksgiving is the annual family reunion and Christmas. It will hopefully be a relaxing few days.

My friend and I are working through a study of the book of Titus. We are currently reading chapter 2 and I have so many exciting insights to post, but it will have to wait until we are back. I hope that ya'll can stand the wait :)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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