Friday, November 03, 2006


Today has been a beautiful fall day!!!!

School went well this a.m. I was able to work on laundry and have all but 2 loads done. Norman was able to fix my dryer for me last weekend and I am so grateful! He truly is a blessing to me.

Norman let us bring the last of our kittens into the house. So we are enjoying the antics of a kitty again. I love to watch them play :) Sadie is a little disturbed about being displaced as "head" pet, but I have been showering her with love so I think that has made up for it.

We had a homeschool group meeting today. We discussed all of our different approaches to homeschooling. There are many in the group with whom we share curriculum choices, but we all use them differently. It amazes me how one thing can work so differently for different families....

Tomorrow is the last soccer game :) What a relief! I enjoy watching the boys play but it really throws off the balance of our schedule. Speech class ended last week as well, so we will be enjoying a new routine before long.....a little less busy, that is for sure.

We will be traveling to Chicago next weekend. I am really looking forward to the trip. Then again in 2 weeks we will be going to Metropolis for a few days. I will probably be really glad to get back home after all that :)

I am reworking some of our lessons plans to include some things that I would like us to be spending some time on. I really think that I am lacking in some review of material, especially math and memory work. My boys don't pick up things as fast as I would like them too :) Course, anymore I don't either! A little extra practice every day wouldn't hurt.

My mind seems kinda foggy today! I was looking for some encouragement on some online forums that I visit, but there doesn't seem to be much going on I decided to give some encouragement instead! Keep up all the good work ladies! Whether you are a wife, mother or single woman waiting on God's leading....God has a special place and work for you to do. No matter how tired or overworked you might get, just keep on going! God will always lead and lift you up when you think that you can't go on.

Have a wonderful night!

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