Friday, November 10, 2006

Posting from Chicago

We are having a wonderful time in Chicago! We just checked into our room (it is 9:31 p.m.) and I am on Mr. G's laptop playing around on the Wi-Fi while the boys are all downstairs swimming. We really are enjoying ourselves. We ate lunch at Olive Garden. We found Lake Shore Drive with no problem, missed our turn for the Aquarium, had to go way up and then way down. Norman really had to go...well you we stopped at a port-a-potty.....then we drove down a very nice bicycle path! It was wide and had a center line and everything.....we were a good little ways down it before we realized what it really was :) I have never laughed so hard in my whole entire life!!!!!
We got to Shedd's Aquarium and parked pretty close. We saw the dolphin show and the Sponge Bob in 4-D. That was an experience :) All of the exibits were cool. Greg loved the dolphins and Lee was fascinated with the kimodo dragon. Norman and I liked the 4-D show :)
We ate at a little Mexican sea-food restuarant called El Pelicano's that Norman used to frequent when he worked in Chicago. The shrimp was excellent!
We got a little turned around going to the hotel, but now we are here and getting ready to be well rested for the tournament tomorrow. I am hoping to find a Jo-Ann's or Hobby Lobby to stop at on the way home for some more yarn.....I will be finished with my 2nd project that I brought with me by then :)

I will post some more about our trip on Monday!

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