Friday, August 12, 2011

My Sadie

Sweet Sadie, my black, 20 pound, cocker spaniel, was attacked by the neighbor's dog in our yard Wednesday morning.  She was outside "doing her business" when we heard her yelp.  A shot in the air scared off the attacker.........we think she will be fine.  It is terrifying to see your bestest four-legged buddy bleeding and hurt.  I've been helping her onto the couch and our bed.  Asprin helps a little.

My sweet Sadie......

We think she's about 8.  We got her second-hand, and they had gotten her second-hand, so no idea of her age.  When we first got her and had a vet visit they said by her teeth they would say 2 or 3, but by her eyes they would say 5 or 6.  Sadie is blind in one eye and hard of hearing.  She has severe skin allergies.  This past winter I could tell that she was moving much slower than before.

Sadie came to live with us during the midst of our infertility trials.  Norman just knew I needed someone to snuggle and Sadie needed a home.  It was the perfect fit.  Having Sadie gave me something to focus on, someone that needed me.  The older boys still needed me of course, but they were beginning to need me a little less than I liked and my yearning for a baby was so strong.....Sadie took the edge off of that feeling. 

When Bear was born I worried that she would feel displaced.  She had been with us for over 2 years and took the new baby in stride.  I was careful to include her in our snuggle times and she was patient as Bear learned to "be nice to the puppy".  They would curl up in the recliner and take their afternoon naps together (I have pictures somewhere but can't find them).

Abby's arrival was met with much the same disinterest by Sadie.  She's getting older.  She's not quite so patient.  Frequently she will go hide under a table to get away from the babies playing. 

Sadie is afraid of everything.  The sight of a gun makes her hide.  She runs from strange dogs.  And cats.  She huddles in fear at the sound of the lawn mower and vaccum cleaner.  Sadie wouldn't hurt a flea.  I guess that is what makes the whole incident so upsetting for me.  This dog came onto our property and hurt my sweet Sadie.  There was no food there, not even a empty bowl.  I can't imagine anything that would have prompted a German Shepherd to attack a 20 pound aging cocker spaniel.

  Norman says she will be ok.  I hope so.  I can't imagine my life without her. 

Hug your puppies tonight.  Keep them as safe as you can.  And if you come to my house soon, give my sweet Sadie an extra pat or hug....she deserves it.


Victoria said...

I hope Sadie is feeling better. What a terrible thing for her to go through. Glad it wasn't worse.

Julie said...

How is Sadie doing?