Thursday, August 18, 2011

The 5 R's Bundle - Part 2

Last month I talked to you about Lorrie Flem's bundle - Godly Womanhood: The 5 R's for Homeschool Moms.  Last month I detailed the 1st 2 topics and this month I am going to focus on the last 3 topics. 
As usual, Lorrie touches my heart at just the right time.  In fact, I have decided that I will be printing out all 5 ebooks and putting them in a binder for safe keeping.  The topics are so encouraging, timely and necessary for a godly woman.

Refine: From Homekeeping 101 to Graduating with Honors leads us through the day-to-day of being a manager of our homes.  We are managers aren't we?  I like that.....a manager.....that sounds good :)  Lorrie leads us through 7 homekeeping teachings:
1.  Plan to Manage
2.  Plan to Improve
3.  Plan to Start Strong
4.  Plan to Do It First
5.  Plan to Bless Others
6.  Plan to Feed
7.  Plan to Clean

As always, Lorrie keeps it real and gives real-life guidance on managing our homes.  Spending time with God, Before Breakfast Jobs and clearing clutter are all topics she touches on before bringing it around to my ATTITUDE.  We've talked about that before and it is a work in progress.  Thanks Lorrie!

Rejuvenate: What to Do When Abel is Raising Cain details the topic of child-raising.  Consistency is the key!  Lorrie talks about how the Bible discusses discipline.  I think I am going to start a study about that.......
Never leaving us alone, Lorrie gives real-life examples about how she handles discipline problems in her home.

Rest: Give It Up and Get It All wasn't what I expected.  I was "hoping" that Lorrie would give a list of things that she does when she needs some rest, away time, preferably once a week or more.  I wanted the validation that what I do deserves a break and could someone please back me up on that?!?!?!  I guess not :(  Lorrie gives us so much more though.  I feel encouraged to rest through serving, arranging my priorities to match God's.  I need to lean on God and when I just can't do it anymore, I shouldn't soak in a hot bathtub, I should run to Him and soak Him up....seeking His wonderful wisdom about the things that I am dealing with.  I've done that this week and I can honestly say that I feel better than I ever would after an hour at Starbucks.  **I LOVE Starbucks though and think it is a fanastic treat to hang out there, but I don't "deserve" such a treat just because .  The only thing that can completely restore me is time with God!**

I can't begin to express how much good stuff there was in these 5 topics.  I plan to reread these teachings frequently to remind me to keep my focus on God!  Check out to see The 5 R's Bundle (5 ebooks, 5 mp3 audios starting at $24.97) and other great products that Lorrie has there.  If you're not convinced head over and see what the other Gabby Moms have to say too!

****I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review through the Gabby Moms program.***


Victoria said...

Good review, Carie. You always do a nice job of explaining what the topics are about. The last one (Rest) wasn't exactly what I expected either. But, Lorrie did have some good insight there, didn't she?

Kimberly said...

Ooh I love that "the only thing that can completely restore me is God!" Thanks Carie, I love reading the Gabby Mom reviews :)

mrspriceisright said...

Hey! Let's meet at Starbucks and discuss what Lorrie says! ;-)

Cindy said...

nice job once again! :)
I, too, plan on going over these topics again and again. NEED the constant reminders

Jenny said...

What an awesome idea to put these ebooks into a notebook! I think I shall steal your idea. I was surprised by Rest, too. Guess God decided we needed something else, huh? Always good. Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Q said...

Nice, thorough review, Carrie.