Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Time Marches On

Can you imagine that my baby is 6 weeks old today? I am only to aware of how quickly they grow up, evidenced by the 10 year old and 7 year old building a fort in the bedroom. For now, Little Bear is asleep in his bouncy seat; safe, warm and comfortable under a veggie tales blanket.

I am sitting now typing this in my blue jumper, blue t-shirt and grey/black sweater; gazing out the window into the fog. At 3:30 it is just as foggy as it was this morning. A dreary day, if not a cold one.....Norman said it was 54 degrees. But I can still feel the chill.

Today was productive. I worked on laundry, fixed lunch and worked on Christmas cards. I actually managed to get them done too! For lunch I fixed Creamy Italian Chicken. I thought that it was yummy served over rice, but we will wait for Norman's verdict before I put it on the menu rotation. Even the boys like it and I liked that it quickly went into the crockpot.

If Little Bear isn't grouchy this evening I may knit a little. I have one sock of a pair done and it would be a wonderful pick-me-up to have the other done....they are my favorite color....pink :)

I am happily settled into my home for the evening. God has truly blessed me with this winter season to rest and regain control of my household duties. God is merciful and always gives help when asked. I am a blessed woman indeed!

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