Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Homeschool Tuesday

Today was just another day in our fabulous homeschool. I find that most days the routine runs itself :)

15 mins. independent reading (almost done with Boxcar Children book 1)
20 mins. book basket (he was reading about the moon)
spelling practice
copywork (a verse fromGenesis)
Math review sheet
Math fact practice (using fact cards and wrap ups)
Victory Drill Book

30 mins. independent reading (Revenge of the Shadow King)
20 mins. book basket (he was reading about the phases of the moon)
spelling quiz (he missed 1 and wrote it 5 times for practice)
critical thinking worksheet (from Math Detective book)
Math review sheet
Latin (workbook activity and flashcards)
Victory Drill Book

We read about Balaam and his donkey. We also read another chapter from Tirzah. This morning the boys helped dad mow the yard. This afternoon they went to grandma and grandpa's house for a while.

We usually take Wednesday off from formal schooling because daddy is home. Unless we manage to do something spectacular, I won't post again until Thursday :)

Have a great day!

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