Monday, June 26, 2006

Spiritual Disciplines

Today my Bible study was on the spiritual disciplines. I am really trying to work on these in my life right now. I am trying very hard to implement a daily quiet time. This morning I was successful. I am learning so much about the different facets of God's character. I am learning about how my response should mirror God's goals for my life. It is very hard for me. I have many character flaws. But I hope and pray that God will see my heart and know that I am trying.
Here are the spiritual disciplines as I have been studying them:
quiet times
bible study
walking in the spirit

I will try to take each one and work through it more this week. Would you like to study along with me? I am using Cindy Rushton's book Yes, You Can Be a Virtuous Woman. I think that it is a wonderful, small Bible study. It has really got me in the word and got me thinking about how I apply my life to God's work.

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