Sunday, June 25, 2006


I think that I might just be the new binder queen.....ya Cindy Rushton??? Well, if you don't know, go check out Cindy's website at . But anyway, back to me....I worked on this blog for a while and then I gathered up some loose papers roaming around and then gathered up the binders that they belong to and I was amazed at what I discovered.....I am a notebooker. I mean, I have aspired to be one for quite a while, but I never imagined that I had achieved such stature....I have no less than 5 notebooks right now. Notebooks that I use. Notebooks that I love. Notebooks that probably need to be reorganized....oh well, there is time for that later :) Here is my roll call of current notebooks:
1) homemaking binder - enough said
2) Bible notebook In this I have a divider for every book of the Bible and then I place relevant notes, papers and studies behind the correct divider. I also file topical studies in the back. That way I can find exactly the notes that I am looking for exactly when I am looking for them. They boys also have one of these each.
3) reading notebook This isn't my reading. It is full of reading worksheets for beginning or remedial readers. You never know when you might need them.
4) homeschool notebook This one contains forms and scheduling sheets as well as articles that I find useful about notebooking and classical education.
5) general studies notebook This one has various unit studies that I have pulled off the internet at one time or another. It includes studies about flowers, how to make a birdfeeder, Lewis and Clark, sheets to make an alphabet book, etc. A little bit of everything goes in here as I find it. I never know when I might need it :)
6) recipe notebook I keep this one in the kitchen and it has all the recipes that I am given by friends or family or that I find off the internet. I also have cleaning solution "recipes" and herb garden tips in here. Kitchen stuff mainly.

So, what is the deal??? Am I finally a binder queen????

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