Monday, December 09, 2013

Review: Tale of Two Kingdoms

Are you looking for an indepth Bible study for yourself or young adult student?  I've got it.  I do a lot of Bible studies and most of them are great....but they are usually geared toward a theme or certain topic.  Tale Two Kindgdoms by Heather Kendall is very in depth.  I've been working on it for weeks and still haven't finished it.  Using Tale of Two Kingdoms with another of  Ms. Kendall's books, God's Unfolding Story gives a very detailed examination of Biblical history while weaving in the coming Saviour all along the study.  I would imagine that this study could be used as part of school at least a semester, quite possibly a whole year.  I would recommend using them together, making the cost $45....they can also be purchased separately if you would prefer.  (The 1st is more of a read-through book, the 2nd is a question/answer bible study).

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