Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Review: Hello Fresh

I had a fantastic opportunity towards the end of November to review some food as part of the Mosaic Reviews program.  I LOVE food :) 

So what food were we blessed to review, you ask?  Let me introduce you to Hello Fresh. Hello Fresh is a subscription mail-order meal service.  Feel free to head over there and check them out, their website is very user friendly. 

First, you get to make some choices......Classic (meat based recipes) or Vegetable (vegetarian recipes).......2 people or 4.......Frequency of delivery.......

Don't panic.  The "menu" is set up in advance.  If you don't like the choices (and you have choosen a classic box) then you have the option to change out a couple of meals after you place your order.  Sorry, if you choose the vegetarian box that isn't an option right now. 

I choose the Classic box, and it was sent with enough for 3 meals for 2 people.    I was concerned because I had never ordered any cold/frozen food off the internet but it is packed very well in a very insulated box.  Everything arrived beautifully.

These are the recipe cards.  Everything is very easy to fix but does seem to require that you have been in a kitchen before.  I had never worked with fresh herbs before and it was a pleasure!  All the recipes I tried were easily completed in 30 minutes.

Random free gifts are placed in some boxes :)

In the front bowl we have the shrimp and chorizo stew (with kale - delicious!)  In the back are roasted vegetables that went with the roasted pork chops (1st time I've had leeks, very good)

Everything comes packaged in individual bags and is labeled with what meal it is for.  EVERYTHING is included except oil. 

My helper mixing up the chicken meatballs for the chicken polpetta (good the first time, but excellent as leftovers - the flavors were subperb after they had time to mingle)

See how nicely everything is packaged in there.....lots of ice packs and insulation. FedEx did my delivery.
Now, the part everyone is waiting for.....ordering meals off the internet isn't cheap.  The quality is FANTASTIC - all the ingredients were fresh.  The portions are GENEROUS.  I had a 2 person box and 2 of the meals easily fed 4 people. 
A 2 person classic box is $69, 4 person is $129.  A 2 person veggie box is $59, 4 person is $109.  I wish they had a option to mix meals from classic and veggie :) 
Overall, the service and quality was excellent.  The cost is prohibitive for us, but it is cheaper than eating out all the time, so that is something to consider.  The meals are easy and quick to prepare.  All the shopping is done for you.  Someone who likes to try new things would love this service (chorizo, kale, leeks, ground chicken - all new to me - as was cooking with fresh herbs). 
If you would like to give it a try, you can get a $20 coupon code from their website as a new customer.  I would recommend it!
Would you like to hear what others are saying about Hello Fresh?  Be sure to head on over to Mosaic Reviews to see other reviews (some reviewers got different meals so the pictures will make you drool).

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