Monday, June 24, 2013

The Brinkman Adventures - REVIEW

***I received these products for free in exchange for a fair review as part of the Gabby Moms review program.***

I LOVE audio products.  It started with Jonathan Park and then Odyssey....books on tape.....I am thrilled to be able to use otherwise "wasted" drive time to educate and encourage my family.

I jumped at the chance to review the Brinkman Adventures and boy was I not disappointed.  These stories are RIVETING!  You just almost can't stop listening - like sit in the driveway for several minutes waiting for an episode to end....yep, that's us!  All of my children, myself and my husband too love to listen to these stories that combine a fun-loving family and true missionary stories.  We learn about family dynamics, character training and Biblical truths while going from point A to point B.  GREAT stuff!

These are high quality recordings :)  I know that shouldn't matter if the story is good, but it really does. 

Would you like to listen yourself?  You can do that here.   They operate on a donation basis so you can download the episodes on the site or order physical CD's. If you can't afford but want to listen, you just need to ask.  How cool is that????  Very cool!

YOU can win a set of the first 6 CDs July 1-6 from Lorrie Flem at Eternal Encouragement.  Don't forget to enter and maybe your family can enjoy these stories as much as mine is! 

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Victoria said...

We have the first CD. It was a special bonus we received when I ordered our My Father's World curriculum this year. We all LOVE the stories, and I want to get more for us to listen to.