Saturday, June 22, 2013


Good morning blogland!  I hope that this beautiful morning finds all of you well, happy and in touch with our Lord and Saviour.  Mornings are a good time to do that, yes?  I think so.

Anyway, I feel like my blog has become reviews only and I'm sure many of you are getting sick of it but I've got so much going on that I'm only doing what I have to.  Please know that in a few weeks I have lots of fun stuff planned.  I can't wait!

So what have we been up to?  Packing, priming, painting, sanding, staining, redoing, packing, moving.....that's it!  In addition to the regular working, running, housekeeping.  We are moving back to the country.  A cute farmhouse down a 1/4 mile lane.  We can have critters (pets/livestock).  The house was in need of some TLC so we agreed to work on it.  When we started we had 6 weeks.  I thought 6 weeks was a long time.  Wrong!  lol  It's not going to be done but some of it is so we will take what we can get.  Honestly, everything but some painting (3 rooms) and some cosmetic issues (trim) will be done.  Considering what we started with I think we did pretty good.

We started in the kitchen.  Dismantled the cabinets, tore up the nasty linoleum.  Everything got new paint and then Norman put down new flooring.  Kitchen - done.  Bathroom was in pieces to begin with.  Norman took out what was left.  Reinstalled the shower, new sink, reinstalled the toliet.  New paint on the walls, new flooring, everything sealed up....still needs the trim.  Dining room and living room have new paint on the walls.  Still working to paint the trim.  4 rooms of hardwood floors downstairs (living room, dining room, our room, abby's room) sanding, stained and 1 coat of poly on.  1 more coat of poly tonight and then they need to dry.  The carpet that was originally over the hardwood was stained badly.  We were going to just live with it for a while but we couldn't get the fleas out of it so one day I showed up out there to work and the carpet was gone.  lol  Our room and Abby's room still need paint on the ceilings, walls, and trim.  Upstairs the hardwood is in decent shape.  The upstairs bathroom needs new flooring (someone patched a hole and did a terrible job) but that can wait a bit.  Lee didn't mind the paint in his room (light brown/dark brown) so I just touched it up.  It's done.  Greg hated the baby blue that was on his walls so we did a reverse of Lee's colors (dark brown/light brown).  I hope to finish the trim today and then that room will be done.  Bear's room is also baby blue.  He wants green with brown trim.  I have his room primed but not painted.

Norman has also fixed some water lines, jacked up a sagging floor and replaced the guttering.  He has worked his butt off. 

Every time we have went out there this week we have taken a load of our belongings.  They are being placed in a 2 car garage.  When the floor has cured we will start moving things in.  Still lots of packing/moving to do but we are on the final stretch.  Then I will need to clean this place and turn in the keys. 

It will be so worth it to be back out in the country.  My guys do better in their element.  I don't regret our moving to town.  Not at all.  It served a purpose and was a gift from God.  However, it will be nice to be back out in the country.  Norman has already fixed up the chicken pen and they will be coming in a week or so.  I think we will need a house cat :) and a cute little dog but that will come later. 

I've got 2 more reviews to get done before we lose this internet (I don't know how long it will take to get new internet set up).  Bear with me a bit and then we will get some fun stuff started.  Love ya all!

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Julie K. said...

Congratulations, Carie. Sounds exciting!