Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Little Merry Christmas :)

I wrote a lengthy blog post last night.  It had no point and it was whiny.  I saved it but probably won't publish it.  I guess I just needed to get the "not fairs!" out of my system.  LOL

Today's post is very random.  There used to be a meme that went around that was similar to this and I enjoyed reading a glimpse into the days/lives of others.  I hope that you enjoy mine!

I smell...... an oats and honey bar in my scentsy warmer.  I don't think that I have turned on the one upstairs yet but it is Silver Bells.

I see.....a dreary day outside.  No snow and doesn't look like we will get any before Christmas.

I hear.....semi trucks driving by (we live on the highway) and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on the TV.....the littles love this movie!  It helps that we live in the hometown of Burl Ives (Newton, IL) so we've seen the characters of this movie (in costume) around town a lot lately :)

Around the house.....I need to fold one more load of laundry for the day and then that will be done.  I cleaned both bathrooms and swept the downstairs hard floors.  The littles had a bath and got scrubbed up.  AVON phone calls were made.  We cleaned the playroom and moved a bookshelf.  I promise we picked up the living room but it doesn't look like it.  lol

Later today.....more AVON phone calls, knitting and Christmas carolling tonight.

For supper.....I laid out some chicken breast to thaw.  I'll probably bake them in butter with some cajun seasoning.  A green salad, corn and macaroni and cheese will round out supper.

In my sewing room.....My first big project of the new year is to clean/declutter/rearrange and redecorate my sewing room.  It just isn't functional and I need it to be functional.

On my needles.....a black shawl in seed stitch.  It's a Christmas gift :)

Plans for tomorrow.....working at Marilyn's house and then the last of my Christmas shopping. 

Have a great day friends!

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