Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tot School

I haven't done a tot school post in a while....and sorry, I don't have pictures, but here is what Bear has been doing for school:

playdoh - with cookie cutters and small rolling pin and butter knife
"writing" with pen and paper
beans/rice/lentils - scooping/pouring, etc.

My goodness, he has decided that he wants to be read to all the time. We are having to fight about it because I can't just sit here and read to him 24 hours a day. He wants me to though! Some of his favorites right now are:
The Wheels on the Bus (a book version of the song, we sing it!)
The Grouchy Ladybug
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
John Deere Alphabet Book
The Little Engine That Could
The Digger Book
The Little Engine Book
Pajama Time
O Me, O My, O Dinosaurs
And we will be going to the library tomorrow to trade the 2 we borrowed for more. If he will let me (The Wheels on the Bus is his FAVORITE - a library book LOL).

He also loves playing in the sandbox that my dad filled for him the other day. Greg and Bear are out there right now. There is something about a sandbox that makes little guys (and medium sized guys!) very happy :)

TV Shows:
Bear still won't sit for most shows and I don't push him. There isn't any need for him to sit in front of the TV for hours at a time. He likes Imagination Movers and Handy Manny on Disney. Sometimes they will buy me and Greg a little school time, sometimes not.

Potty training is really a no go. He doesn't want to wear the pull-up but he doesn't want to use the potty. We are trying to feel our way around this. I didn't have any trouble training the other two.....I guess the last one has to be difficult!

For more tot school ideas for your tot, be sure to check out Carisa's site!

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taighbeag said...

My pediatrician says not to even bother potty training until they are 2 because the nerve that lets the brain know about the "urge" and controls the muscle isn't fully developed until 2 years old.

That being said, there's no crime in getting them interested in the potty and there's no saying that the nerve develops earlier or even later in different children.