Monday, June 16, 2008

Time is Flying

I had no intention of letting this much time pass between blog updates. We have been so very busy.

Little Bear has become an accomplished crawler and he can pull up to furniture and "cruise" around the coffee table and couch. He has become very attached to Momma. He cries as soon as I leave a room! As part of my exercise routine we are walking 2 miles every morning and he really enjoys the stroller.

My birthday was Sunday. I turned 31. I just don't feel that old though :) Dh and the boys got me a cute little Ipod Nano, 8 pink. I am happily downloading audios from the Ultimate Homeschool Expo. It truly makes the morning walks more interesting.

Dh's cousin's daughter (this cousin is like a brother to Dh) got married 2 weekends ago. Dh and I made a lot of the food for the reception. We did dinner rolls for 200 people (240 Bavarian dinner rolls). What was I thinking when I volunteered???? But we got it done and the couple is happily married. The bride was our flower girl 12.5 years ago.

Lee is at camp this week. Greg and I rented Alvin and the Chipmunks from PPV this evening. It is such a cute movie.

I am working on my schedule and school stuff for next year. August will be here before you know it. We are bummed that the heavy rains cost us our sweet corn, green beans and other stuff. I really need to get out there and weed what is left. So much for stocking up! We will make do with what we get and be thankful for it. I feel blessed that our area only experienced temporary flooding. So many others are facing the loss of their crops and their homes. God will provide for us!

I hope to be back more frequently! If you are looking for some interesting reading, you can check out Candy's blog. She has been posting about have a joyful attitude no matter what your circumstances.

Have a good night!

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