Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summertime and the Living is Easy

We are embracing summer here :) And having a wonderful time too!

The boys were at church camp last week and they are attending VBS this week. We love taekwondo, but I was so grateful to have a break from the constant running. Bear and I have stayed home most of the week. I have been cleaning, cooking, gardening and just enjoying my home and the people in it.

We have replanted our garden. Dh is probably finishing the planting right now :) Baby is napping so I am inside. I think that we may have a nice harvest in spite of the horrible spring weather. What a blessing that will be this fall!

I have laundry on the line right now and I am finishing the downloads from the Ultimate Homeschool Expo. The speakers are great!!!!! My little pink Ipod (thanks sweetie) that I received for my birthday has been a constant companion during housework and walks.

I am walking 2 miles a day most days. I am on week 3 of a low carb diet (South Beach). So far I have lost 13 pounds, 12 of which during the first 2 "hard" weeks. Boy, am I glad to be done with those! I know that with God's help and constant diligence on my part that I can lose this weight and be relieved of this burden. My knee is already feeling better!

Teach magazine (see sidebar for link) is running a special Homemakers set if you are interested in some encouragement in that area. The sale is until Friday night. I am hoping to get mine ordered sometime tomorrow. I could really use some encouragment in that area!

God has really worked on my heart about my attitude. I am so pleased to say that with HIS help I have been able to have a peaceful, joyful attitude all week this week. And there have been events that could have been stressful!

My little dog Sadie got out of the van at the park Tuesday without the boys noticing when they got in. We didn't realize until 15 mins. later that she wasn't with us. We went back to the park and called and called and called. A woman sitting on a park bench said that she had followed our van as we drove out of the park. That was bad news because we had left the park via the highway. Sadie is blind in one eye, almost deaf and isn't the brightest bulb in the bunch anyway....crossing a highway is not in her skillset. We called and called and called along the edge of the park and Greg was in tears because Sadie was all alone with no one to take care of her when we noticed a man across the highway with a black dog on a leash. Sadie! She had made it across the highway and to his place of business and he was looking for her owner! We were so blessed to have her with us again.

God takes care of the big things and the little things!
Have a wonderful day!

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