Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Busy Days

This week has been busy so far and looks to continue that way. I hate a week of constant "busyness". I love to just be able to take a deep breath when I wake up in the morning and stay at home. I am frequently criticised by members of my family for my frequent "busyness". As most of you know we attend taekwondo classes 2-3 nights a week. In a town that is 25 minutes from home. I have worked hard over the past few years to consolidate my other errands on the days that we already have to be in town. That has been working fantastically, and has freed me up for other things at home. What I have found though, especially in the last few months, is that other people (more often than not, family members) expect things from me that cause me to be "busy" several other days over the course of the month. I am given responsibilities that belong to others and asked to do things that a "working woman" wouldn't ever be asked to do. I sometimes wonder why. Why would you ask me to do something when you know that I have 3 kids at home that I need to school, feed and clean up after? Why would you give me ONE MORE THING to do when I am already near the point of exhaustion? I find that I don't really know what causes some people to feel compelled to give me these jobs but I have recently decided to look at these things as ministries to others. I am able to do these other things. I have figured out, for the most part, how to juggle my schedule to fit these things in with the least amount of disruption for my family. So maybe, for this season, some of these things are important responsiblities in my life. Maybe instead of asking God to take these things away, I should ask Him to help me fit them in. I should thank God that I have the ability to relieve the burden of others. I thank Him daily for the strength that he gives to me.
If you feel the "added" responsibilities of life weighing you down, ask yourself if maybe this is where God wants you right now. Maybe this is the time of your life when you will be busy, doing the work of God, and hopefully shining an example of his love for all the world to see. Remember to serve with a smile!

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