Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday Happenings

Officially the 3rd trimester begins TODAY for me and Baby!!!!!! Yeah!!!!! We are 2/3 of the way there.

Currently my servants (dishwasher and washing machine) are working on their duties. I have canning jars and other dishes in the dishwasher in preparation for the 12 quarts of spaghetti sauce I will be working up this afternoon. My washing machine is on its 3rd load of laundry (the first 2 are on the clothes line) and has one more to do before it is done. After I get done with this post (I logged on to do some online banking and check email) I will be doing the quiet cleaning of the house. Dh worked OT last night and will be working another 16 hours tonight so he needs all the sleep and quiet that I can give him. After he leaves for work at 1:30 I will get the tomatoes ran through the food processor, get the sauce cooking and then do the vacuuming of the carpets and clean-up of our room and bathroom.

I am praising God today because the governor and state courts reached an agreement to cut the Aug. 15th and 31st checks for state employees. Hopefully by the 31st they will have the budget voted on and everything can return to normal. I am so glad that we have at least this little bit of a reprieve. I reworked out budget yesterday and was very pleased to see that we had a little bit of money left over each paycheck. I guess that usually that money was just "disappearing". Now I have it assigned a "job". I am still working on this budgeting thing, but with God's help I will get it all figured out.

Better get to work!!!!! Have a great weekend!

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Tom, Amy, & Clayton said...

Carie - Thank goodness the gov passed the budget! And Congrats on your third trimester!! Baby Boo will be here before you know it!!