Friday, August 24, 2007

Thursday - Minute by Minute

Once again, Thursday didn't go exactly as I had planned...or even hoped for that matter.

I got up late because I had another night of really bad sleep. The phone woke me up. I hate when that happens. So after prying my eyes open I fixed myself egg burritos and ate while talking to my mom on the phone (she wasn't the call that woke me up, but she was right behind it!). After breakfast I checked email and spent way to much time on the internet. I also talked to a dear friend on the phone and then finished my internet stuff.

After dragging myself off the computer I took a shower and got dressed. I woke the boys up an hour later than usual. My mother-in-law called and needed dh to work on her car so I woke him up and then we started school. We skipped Bible reading, character study and memory work. Norman left. The boys finished up their schoolwork while I decluttered the kitchen. You can actually see both ends of my bar now :) When the clock struck 11 I dismissed the boys to do their chores and I fixed lunch, tuna helper, which I know isn't the best (and I won't tell you what they had for breakfast) but I figured that it was something.

I sat down and read my mail.

By then dh had made it back home. He and Lee played a couple of games of chess while Greg and I watched then the boys and I finished school. After school was done Norman and Greg went outside and fixed the door on my van (the drivers side sliding door hasn't opened in close to 2 years). I talked to my brother briefly on the phone and then laid down in my chair and took a nap. I have no idea what the rest of them where doing :)

We left for town about 3:30 and went to the bank and medicine shoppe to get prescriptions filled. We also went to Dairy Queen and had peanut buster parfaits :) Yummy!!!!! Then we went to taekwondo.

I do almost all of the bookkeeping and secretarial work at taekwondo so I am usually pretty busy while we are there. When I am not actually busy I work sudoku puzzles. We got home very late, again, and I collapsed into bed.

Here it is Friday morning and I up only slightly earlier than yesterday.....but I am almost done on the internet. We might actually get school started when we are supposed to today.

Have a good day!

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