Friday, July 20, 2007

Time is Flying By

We have been so busy and time has been flying by, but sometimes the days seems to DRAG........I just don't understand it.

Right now I am concentrating on moving school from the back of our living room (I had it set up like a little school room with desks and everything) to our kitchen. I thought of doing this a while back but figured that the boys would revolt at losing their desks..........they brought it up a week or so ago and so now we are moving! In lieu of desks I bought sterilite 3 drawer units on rollers. I get the top drawer of each and the boys get the bottom 2. We have trays and tubs set on top to hold stuff that we all use. It will be a couple of weeks before we use these though.....Lee is leaving for a week of church camp on Sunday. I am hoping to convince Norman to either build or buy another set of bookshelves to put additional school stuff in the living room and then I will probably contemplate how to reorganize the living room furniture to maximize space before the baby arrives.

Speaking of the baby..................I am getting ready to register at Walmart, probably next week. We bought the cutest little pair of blue puppy dog booties the other day. I just love them. I can't wait until baby gets here........I am overjoyed with anticipation :)

The weather is delightful here today and I am so glad that it isn't sooooo hot again. I know that it is still July and it will be hot again, but I am enjoying it while it is here.

Well, I suppose that I should find something to fill my time. I seem to be at a loss of things to do today.....I don't want to do what needs to be done LOL. I suppose that I could go eat some more sweet corn now :) Baby would like that anyway!


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