Sunday, July 29, 2007

The prodigal son and character training

Our guest speaker at morning services spoke about the prodigal son. He spoke from experience, having been a prodigal and having a son that was still a prodigal. His testimony was very eye-opening.....and heartbreaking.

One of my worst fears, I think, is that my sons will turn their backs on God. I live with this daily since their father hasn't made a commitment himself to Christ. I want them to know God and to enjoy a daily relationship with him. I wasn't taught how to do this as a child either, so I find it very difficult to instill this in them. I feel like I am floundering in the water sometimes. I am frustrated that I feeling like I am failing at something that is so very, very important to their lives.

This year we are reading the Bible together every morning. I tend to want to rush through this, but I am trying to open the table for questions and discussion. I want them to feel able to discuss things with me and for us to be able to seek the answers if I don't have them. I know that I don't have all the answers!!!!! We are also going to start character training. I am using Plants Grown Up from Doorposts for this. I want as much of our focus to be on how our behavior and attitudes look like in God's eyes. This includes ME as well. On that front I have been reading Beauty in God's Eyes by Elizabeth George. This book is touching me on many fronts. It is an in-depth study of Proverbs 31. If I am able to process all the information in that book I will have developed a lot of wisdom. Wisdom is from God and I hope to be able to obtain God's wisdom for me and my life.

On the baby front.......
I have an appointment Wednesday morning. I will have my gestational diabetes test then. I have been having TONS of braxton hicks contractions. By evening my stomach area HURTS. I don't really remember braxton hicks hurting this bad. It isn't unbearable but it is uncomfortable. I am hoping to be reassured by the doctor that all is well. At 25 weeks it is WAY too early for this little one to be making his appearance. He sure is kicking.......all the time. I am so thankful that I am able to enjoy feeling this little angel move inside of me.....that is the biggest privilege of impending mother-hood I think :)

We are still off school this week. Norman starts vacation on Wednesday so I didn't see any point in starting again for 2 days. We will begin again the Monday after he goes back to work.

I hope that all of my readers are well. I will try to update after my appointment.

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