Monday, July 13, 2015

6 Month Fitness Goal Checkin

Good Morning!
It is a glorious morning of sunshine and breeze an I'm grateful to have it even if we are under a heat advisory.

In January 2015, my wonderful husband and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary.  Without going into great detail about our wedding, we didn't have a honeymoon.  There was no money for that.  In the last 19 years we have gotten away a few times, alone, but nothing big or fantastic.  So, for our 19th wedding anniversary my husband surprised me with a trip to our travel agent (up to this time we didn't have a travel agent, but we do now!) and we choose and booked a 7 day Caribbean cruise for February 2016 - our 20th wedding anniversary.

To say that I was/am excited is the understatement of the century.  I am over the moon excited.

In January 2015 I weighed 223 lbs.  I have been overweight my whole entire adult life.  I hadn't seen the underside of 200 since before Lee was born.  Almost 18 years ago.

I. Was. Not. Going. On. A. Cruise. Fat.

I said it.

I'm not judging you if you have been on a cruise and are overweight.  I have no doubt that I would/will have a fantastic time no matter what I weigh.  However, this was a big deal, and the thing that made me decide that I needed to live my life to the fullest and I wasn't going to be able to do that fat.

So, in January 2015 I weighted 223 lbs.  My husband was also overweight by 30 lbs so we put a MyFitnessPal app on our fancy smart phones and got to work tracking calories.  And the weight started sliding off.  Slowly, but steadily.

In March I installed a free C25K app on my phone and after staring at it for a few weeks, I started using it.

I now have several fitness apps on my phone (SworkIt, Map my Run) and they keep the working out interesting and motivating.  I listen to music or audio books.

I started running with regular headphones and whatever cheap tennis shoes I had laying around but for my birthday my oldest sons bought me a bluetooth headset for music and my husband bought me a very nice pair or running shoes.  I treated myself to some nice workout clothes and went to my first SpinCycle class last week.

So here are my stats thus far:
Pounds lost:  From January 2015 I have lost 31 lbs (current weight 191) but at my highest weight I was 240 lbs so from there I've lost 49 lbs.
Exercise achievements: I ran my first 5K on July 4th 2015 :)  I have moved up to 5 lb weights on my upper body workouts and I attended my first Spin Cycle class (loved it)
Clothing: I've went from a size 22 to a size 16.  A xxl to a xl or large depending on the item.  I own 2 pairs of capris that are a size 14 :)

My cruise-goal-weight is 180 lbs.  I'm short.  5'2"  So 180 is still very overweight.  But if I can drop those last 11 lbs before February 2016 I will be beyond thrilled.

Depending on where I look, my goal weight for my height should be between 120-140 lbs.  I weighed around 140 when I graduated high school so I will be so happy with that.  Honestly, I feel like I've turned the clock back.  I'm so proud of myself for getting under 200....something that I NEVER thought would happen.  Everything else is just icing on the cake.

PS Norman hit his goal weight a few weeks ago so he is good to go....and he ran the 5K with me July 4th.  He gave up soda and is eating veggies.  I'm so proud of him!

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