Sunday, August 04, 2013

2013-2014 School Year

It is that time of the year again!!!!  School Time!!!

Here is my rundown this year:
Leland, (will be on 8-9) 16, junior at NCHS
Gregory, 13, 8th grade at JCJH
Norman (Bear), 5, kindergarten at home
Abby, 3, prek at home

So, this year, I'm starting over.  Back where I was 11 years ago.  The spacing is a little different because Bear has a late birthday.  Where Lee and Greg had 2 grades between them, Bear and Abby will only have 1.  I'm not yet sure how that will work out in the long run.  THIS year, we are using MFW K.  We started last year but life happened so we didn't get much done.  I've spread what we do have left over the year, adding time off to studying things like Pilgrims and Indians at Thanksgiving and Presidents in January. 

The "learning" focus will be on Bear this year.  In addition to the core we will be adding Alphaphonics for reading.  Sometime this year I will also get Singapore math level K or 1 (haven't decided yet). 

Abby will be learning right along with us.  In addition I will be adding units that will focus more on her skill levels from places like 1+1+1=1 to give her repetitive skills practice.  Bear will also get to work on some of this stuff depending on his interest and whether it would actually be useful for him to do. 

Our read alouds will be plentiful and we will be exploring the nature that is around us.  I'm hoping to add a trip to Lincoln Log Cabin soon so that they can get some hands on history in. 

It's here....we start tomorrow :)  Check back and see how we are doing!

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Victoria said...

Have a GREAT school year!