Monday, May 07, 2012

It's a Facebook Party!!!!!

As a mom, we hold a lot of job titles and lets be honest, we aren't exactly pulling in the big bucks :)  We are paid in hugs, kisses and the knowledge that we are fullfilling our God given roles as wives and mothers.  With that said, sometimes I am empty.  KWIM?  I think that we all feel that way sometimes.  I love reading blogs, magazines and email and many times I get the encouragement that I need from that.  Another wonderful resource of encouragement for me is facebook.  The best thing on facebook (in my opinion) is a facebook party.  Lots of people gathered in one spot (computer techy speaking anyway - you don't want to hear my theory on the internet) talking about a common theme.  An honest to goodness party!  With gifts :)  Want to join the party on Monday May 14th? 
See you there!!!!!

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