Monday, July 13, 2009

Working On

I managed to get chores and household stuff done in short order today. Probably had something to do with the fact that Bear and I got up just before 6:30 today. So we started early and stayed busy.

Something is killing my zucchini. I am terribly sad about this. I thought it was bugs but I wonder now if they have a disease. We picked 2 a few days ago and the middle of one was a little weird.....not really bad, but not normal. I ate it anyway, LOL, but I wonder if they have a disease. The tomatos and peppers are thinking about blooming. Let me tell you, this garden has been nothing but a problem from the beginning. We may never pick a tomato from the silly thing :( I am afraid to dig up a potato and see what they look like.

I finished the big project of dividing the boy's rooms over the weekend. Today I made signs for the doors so they would know when they came home what was up.....they probably would have figured it out but..........
I also got new chore charts made. We rotate chores every 6 months so that nobody is doing the same ones all the time. They will begin with the new when they get home Thursday.

I am working on 2 book reviews. One for here and one for TEACH magazine. Watching Tougher in Alaska. I have always wondered about living in the desolate parts of Alaska. Probably not tough enough :) I know my limitations.....I like running water, sewer/septic systems, electricity. Still, I wonder.

Talk later!

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