Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chicks, Chores and VBS

We have chickens, a very nice borrowed incubator and eggs (and a rooster) so my husband loves to incubate eggs.  We put 71 eggs in a month ago and this past weekend had 55 hatch :)  It's always exciting to have new babies around.  They stayed until Monday when we sold 50 of them.  Hopefully at least one or two of the 5 we kept will be hens.

A friend of my husband's gave him some fertilized duck eggs so they are resting peacefully in the incubator now.  We've never hatched ducks before but are hopeful that a few make it.

The part I detest the most about gardening has arrived.  Weeding.  I spent a couple hours out there this morning.  Finished weeding the lettuce and got most of the onions done.  We could really use a small rain shower, the ground is like hoeing into cement.  I'll try not to complain though.  Interestingly we still haven't gotten our sweet corn or green beans in the ground.  Maybe this weekend.  All of our zucchini and many of our tomatoes are blooming :)  I found a little zucchini on one plant, about the size of my ring finger.  Very exciting.  Makes the weeding worth it :)  Norman tilled around almost all the tomatoes before he ran out of gas.  So it is coming along.  If we could get some mulch down that would help with the weeding also.  I just need to plan on spending a couple hours out there every morning when it is cooler.

I used some of last year's shredded zucchini and made zucchini bread for today's snack. Ham steaks and au gratin potatoes with corn for lunch.  Swept through the house and brought my laundry off the line.  My clothes line holds 2 loads of laundry and that is usually what I need to do each day so that works out well.  No complaints from me.  There is nothing better than warm, sun dried laundry.  So that is all folded and everything but the boy's stuff put away.  I weeded most of the flower beds around the house until I got into a nest of fire ants.  I escaped mostly unscathed.  Need to figure out what to use on those little buggers.

Bear and I are going to work on one of his 4H projects here in a bit then I will get the kids ready for VBS.  This is the first VBS of the year, at Falmouth Methodist Church and the kids are loving it.  Everyone there is great and the kids always have the best time.  Next week is VBS at Central Christian then a week off before VBS at our church (Hidalgo Independent Christian).  I take my kids to every VBS I hear about that they are able to attend.  It's good for them to go and gives me a little break.

The big boys worked until after 8 last night.  Norman just left for work tonight, will come home and sleep a few hours then is working a 16 hour shift tomorrow.  I'm not sure what we have planned for the weekend but I'm sure it involves gardening.  :)  I'll let you know how that first zucchini tastes!  Oh and one of the cherry tomato plants has a cluster of green tomatoes and Norman said he saw a little one on the regular plants also.  I love fresh produce!

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