Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yes, We are Alive!

LOL I think that I have become that terrible blogger that I know, the one who never updates. Sorry guys!

Let's see........what's new with us......
1. Bear is potty trained! Yep, we did it while we are on vacation over Thanksgiving. Not exactly the most ideal time, but Norman was on vacation so there were extra eyes. I was still putting him in a diaper at night but about a week later he refused to put it on and has been dry at night with only one exception since.

2. Norman got a deer with his shotgun. Not exactly the best news ever unless you are us, but there ya go. LOL

3. Christmas has come and went. We are kinda glad that it went since we had the stomach flu the whole time. Yuck! Makes it hard to be jolly when someone is throwing up all the time. Since we have all had it now, I think that we should be good for a while.

4. Baby is doing good. At my last appt. the doctor found the heart beat right off the bat so that was reassuring. I have an ultrasound in a little over a week. Hopefully we will be able to see the sex and even better would be to find out it is a girl! LOL

Not much news I guess.....and I am sure that I am leaving something out. I'm on facebook all the time. Sorry guys. Between that and sewing and knitting I have trouble keeping up here. I will try to do better. Bear will be starting "tot school" next week so we will have more posts for that too.

Have a great New Year's!

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