Sunday, August 02, 2009

Getting ready

As always, we were busy this week. Monday - Wednesday was the usual stuff (cleaning, taekwondo, dietician). Thursday the boys and I had dental cleaning and Norman did some car shopping......we found a 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan that we loved but the price was a little high. Then we had lunch on the go and made it to Newton to register Lee for school. Then back to Effingham for Taekwondo and Lee's birthday dinner at Ryan's (a week early).

Friday, Mom, Bear, Lee and I went shopping in Mattoon while Norman and Greg went fishing. The day ended with a very grouchy Bear and an exhausted me. Saturday we got up bright and early to go to Newton and get football equipment. Then to Effingham for groceries and school supplies shopping. Then home, where I spent the afternoon suffering from grouchy kids and a migraine. Bear wouldn't nap and we both collapsed in bed sometime after 7. I feel better today.
As a side note - don't go to walmart on a Saturday! I almost always shop on Monday afternoons so I didn't realize what a mad-house Walmart is on Saturdays. It was packed and Bear wasn't the only kid in there screaming at the top of his lungs. It was miserable.

School supply shopping is expensive! I have almost hit the dollar total for each kid on what I have spent on Lee for school registration and supplies. While homeschooling, I spent about $500 a year for both kids. So far, for Lee, I have spent $70 to get him registered and first 20 days lunches and another $150 in school supplies. And I spent another $50 on clothes the day before for him. Throughout the year will be more money for lunches (or extra grocery money for lunch from home). I think it will end up costing me more to send him to school than homeschooling ever did! Not to mention the increased sports (that cost $$$) and extra curricular activities (that cost $$$). I am wondering if I should just send them my bank account number??? Crazy stuff. Unless you qualify for reduced rates, lunches, etc. it is NOT cheaper to send them to school. It might look that way, but it isn't.

Today we are heading to church. I am hopefull for a quiet afternoon at home. Maybe everyone can be in a good mood today!

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