Saturday, September 14, 2013

Homemaking Journal 9/14/13

I'm going to try and post every Saturday about the things that us homemakers must contend with throughout our days.  It might be a rambling post, or it might be meaningful....or both.  I just like reading what other homemakers are up to so I thought I would share also.  I can guarantee that this post will be

Sissy wanted to make cupcakes this week so we did.....butter recipe cupcakes with pink icing.  She is very impatient.  She mixed everything up as I added it and then I got the first 12 into cupcake liners (I only have 1 cupcake pan - we make do).  Into the oven, timer set....she almost immediately started in on when they would be done.  So we had school and sometime in there I took them out and put the 2nd pan in.....but they were hot.  It was like agony waiting for them to cool.  Finally pink cupcakes!  She was delighted. 

I love having my children help me in the kitchen.  Bear and Abby both love to mix, pour and stir.  Bear has learned how to make his own chocolate milk and  how to operate the microwave to warm up hotdogs (with supervision).  Both of them can make their own pbj sandwiches or ham and cheese sandwiches.  It's a process.  I love having helpers.

Norman helped me measure my living room windows so I would know how much yardage to buy to make curtains....we need 13 yards.  That's a lot of fabric.  Still cheaper than buying full length curtains so I'll be saving those pennies :)

I found a new shawl pattern I want to make.  It wraps around and then ties in the back so you don't have to hold it shut or pin it.  Looks very practical!  I am going to figure yardage this afternoon and plot out how I could do it in a larger gauge (because I have some bulky yarn that would be perfect - and keep me from wishing I had money to buy yarn to start the project, trying to be content and use what I have!).  The air was very crisp this morning so I think Sissy and I will be able to start using some of the things I've been knitting this summer.  And I need to knit a nice warm pair of slippers....the floor was cold this morning!

Laundry was on the line today, only one load....some teenagers haven't been bringing their dirty laundry downstairs promptly.  Not my problem.  I try to do 2 loads of laundry a day with the exception of Sundays (mom's day off) and Thursdays when I work.  This week I didn't work so I've done 2 loads of laundry every day but Thursday and today - 1 load each.  My clothesline holds 2 loads at a time so that works out well.  Remember, I've got 4 children, one of whom is in sports.  They seem to change clothes frequently while working outside after school.  I'm blessed that my dh wears uniforms to work but they provide cleaning for them.....otherwise I would have at least another load a week. 

I swept all the downstairs floors and cleaned the downstairs bathroom, did dishes, folded laundry (if I get it outside by 9, it is dry by 1) picked up my room and Abby's room, burned trash and balanced out the checkbook.  We went into town for a festival parade and spent 1.5 hours at the park.  The littles had fun!  I'm looking forward to knitting or reading or both.....and maybe a soak in the upstairs tub later....we will see.

Have a great weekend friends....I'm off to read to my sweet Abigail :)

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