Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Days Really Do Fly By

This morning, I dropped Lee off at his grandmother's house to dig a hole so his dad could repair an outside faucet.  As I drove off I caught sight of him walking away, taller than me (and much, much stronger), shovel and rake over his shoulder......he looked so grown up......I wonder how he got that way?

When you are chasing the babies and kissing the knees and wondering when you will ever get to take a shower alone, or sleep late, or enjoy breakfast without seems like it will never end......But it does.  One day you look up and that cute little guy has a girl on his arm, works as hard as his dad, doesn't really need you anymore (although he still lets me think he does). 

While running errands with the other 3 children this morning, I stopped at the park so that Greg and Bear could play for a bit.  Interestingly enough, Bear climbs that playground equipment like his 11 year old brother and I don't flinch......I remember chasing Lee and Greg around that playground at that age, certain that they were both going to fall to their certain demise.....eventually they both fell, but survived.  Maybe I am more lax as I get older.  You really do live and learn.  The things that freaked me out 10 years ago, don't even cause a raised eyebrow.  Bear and Greg were climbing up a curved ladder......Bear slipped and fell, catching himself with one arm, dangling maybe 10 feet in the air......Greg shuffled back and drug him up again.  I just sat in the van and watched (what could I have done anyway)........I probably don't always win the parent of the year award, but I guess I am raising children that are confident (when I'm not), courageous (when I am afraid), strong and so smart.  Probably much smarter than I ever hoped to be.

I look at little Abby and Bear and then at Lee and Greg......I know that before I blink again that they will be the ones going off to do hard work, helping with other little ones.  They will be the strong ones.  And they won't need me anymore :( 

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Melancholy is such a loaded word.......sometimes brought on by lingering sadness or anxiety.  Sometimes a pessimistic way of looking at things......

Just a few minutes ago Bear told me "I'm having a bad day".  LOL  How exactly does a 3 year old have a bad day?  I wanted to coursely remind him of all the fun we have had today; dyeing Easter eggs, hunting them with the brothers, playing video games with the brothers, going to town and getting a sprite with me......its not like he spent the day with his nose in a corner.  Its not like he has had to deal with arguing children, worrying that the house will never sell, dwell on dreams that might never be fullfilled, fuss about all the things that need to be done before Sunrise Service tomorrow, bemoan the fact that the living room looks like a tornado hit it (after ALL the work I did to get it ready to show this week).........oh, wait, that's me.  Maybe I am the one having a bad day.  Maybe I am feeling sorry for myself.

I was reading blogs earlier in an attempt for forget that the living room looked like a disaster area.......several of the blogs I read are of parents of terminally ill children.  I try to keep up with the prayer requests of the parents, the ups and downs of their, I'm reading about one family.  The father has been out of a job for about a year, their 7 year old daughter has been in ICU care for almost a year, the mother stays at the hospital with daughter almost 2 hrs. from their home, the 3 yr old son has speech regression and is being evaluated for autism......

What exactly do I have to be sad about?  My husband has a good job that provides well for us.  Yes, his commute is long and expensive nowadays, but we are getting by.  Yes, we can't afford the "extras" that we did a year ago because grocery and gas increases are taking all the extra from the budget.  BUT we can pay our bills on time and have food on the table.  I get to see all 4 of my children and my husband every single day.  My children are all the picture of perfect health (low-grade fevers and lingering coughs included).  Yes, they fight, but at least they are together.  No, we are not in the "perfect" housing situation here.  Yes, I wish desperately that we could move.  BUT we have a roof over our heads and more space than some people.  We can easily afford our housing payments and aren't "underwater" on our home.  Yes, my children can mess up a clean room faster than I can sneeze but they are healthy and extremely blessed with toys and other oddities to play with.

I realize that I have been throwing myself a massive pity party.  Again.  I have a tendency to do that when things aren't going my way.  Who cares if things are going my way?  Life is life and I have to roll with the punches.  Nobody's life is perfect and expecting it to be is just setting myself up for failure.

So, beginning today, things are going to change.  I have been incredibly blessed by a wonderful, merciful, kind and patient God.....who sent His Son to die for my sinful self.  What a wonderful gift that I never deserved.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eternal Encouragement Magazine

Meet Lorrie Flem, Head Mama of Eternal Encouragment Magazine.  I'm sure you've heard me talking about her before.  See what she's reading?
And here is the newest issue (Spring 2011) of Eternal Encouragment Magazine You've heard me talk about TEACH Magazine before haven't you?  I think I mentioned that they have a new name - Eternal Encouragment.  Let me share a little of Lorrie's heart about why she changed the name.....

"It all started with a note from a friend suggesting that I think about changing the name of the magazine so that all women would realize this magazine was for them, and not just for homemakers and moms.  After much time with the Lord, He led me to understand that just like TEACH had never been about homeschooling, neither was it about homemaking.  I was drop-jaw stunned! Yet I realized it was true - of course it's true - this IS God we're talking about.  So then, what were we about?  He instantly brought my own words to me: looking more like Jesus every day.  We are a magazine all about encouraging.  Encouraging marriages and mothering, homemaking and homeschooling, child training and cooking, and all other aspects of a women's life.  In short, we are about godly encouragment!"

Doesn't that just sound wonderful?  I can't begin to express to you how much TEACH magazine and now Eternal Encouragement magazine has impacted my life.

Wednesday I had to take my dear little Sadie to have her hair done (groomed).  While I waited I went to Starbucks for a treat, sat in a comfy armchair there and soaked up the spring 2011 issue of Eternal Encouragment magazine.  Some of the articles that challenged me the most where:
  • Are You Contagious?
  • Do You Want to be Your Daughter's Best Friend?
  • No Matter What Time It is, God is Still God
  • Be a Grace Dispenser
This is just a small sampling of the current articles.  Just a little dab of the encouragement that YOU can receive in your mailbox. 

Although the encouragment has remained the same, the size has changed.  Eternal Encouragment is smaller, 5x7 ish size that fits perfectly in your purse or Bible case. I love the new size!

If you want to see what others are saying about Eternal Encouragment Magazine, head on over to the Gabby Moms and see how Lorrie has blessed other women, just like you!  When you decide that you need some of this encouragement as well, head on over to and check it out.  A one year subscription starts at $25.97 (4 issues as year). 

"I received this product for honest review from Eternal Encouragement Magazine as a part of The Gabby Moms blogging program. All opinions expressed are solely my own."

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sorry for the Delay

I wish I could say that the reason I haven't been posting was because I was hard-working on a big project or marking things off the never-ending to-do list, but alas, I was ill.  Very sick, taking the cold meds every 3 hrs., probably going to die anyway, sick.  I did not, however, die (hurray!) so I am back to work on the never-ending to-do list.

Norman is on vacation this week, which was a blessing since I was so sick.  He was able to deal with kids and meals so that the whole thing didn't go to the pooper while I was down.  Since my recovery, he and whoever else is around have been going to the lake fishing.  So yesterday I decided to sew :)

This is the FREE pattern I was using:  Pillowcase Dress from 3 Fat quarters

And here are the completed pictures:
I added the little "belt" with leftover bias tape.  I stitched it on in the front and left it loose to tie in the back.  The reason was that the pattern was only sized down to a 2T and Abby wears an 18 month so it was really big on her.

I also made the shoulder ties shorter and took an extra half inch in the casing at the top. 

This morning Abby modeled it before church.  It should have taken about 2 hours to make, but Abby was lonely so I had to play.  I still got it done in an afternoon.

See how I pulled the extra width in at the back?  Makes it loose but fitted at the same time.  I think it turned out so sweet and it is lightweight (cotton) so it won't be so hot.  I will absolutely be making more!

Now to work on a dress for Easter.........

I'll try to post more next week.  Abby and I are going to go play :)