Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tearing Paper

This morning I was sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of herbal tea and facebook......pretending really hard that I couldn't hear Abby in the living room shredding paper.....what kind of mother does that?  The didn't-get-much-sleep-do-we-have-to-get-up-at-6 a.m. mommy, that's who!  LOL

See, I finally did get up and take pictures :)  That counts for something, right?  LOL  In my defense, I had already put up the non-board books....I inadvertantly left out a word search book.....

Hiding the evidence :)  She thinks that she is being sneaky......yeah, not really.  LOL
And if we do the cute baby routine for momma she won't care that I just made a huge mess in the living room.

It really isn't my fault.  We have a queen sized bed.  Norman sleeps on half - alone.  Last night, I slept on the other half, along with Abby, Sadie and Bear.  I was squished, cramped, cold and awake. 

Last night Abby shredded a paper towel that Bear left in the living room.  Why does she like to shred things?  I could hire her out to businesses......make some side money somehow maybe. 

When not sleep deprived, I am learning to knit lace. 

When not sleep deprived, I can write blog posts that are interesting and make sense.  Oh well!  Maybe next time!  Talk later :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Dragon and the Turtle Go on Safari

I haven't been reviewing children's book for Blogging for Books program but I decided to give this one a go.  We have so many books, mainly children's books, but Bear loves dragons and dinosaurs.....and he LOVED this book.

Roger turtle and Padraig dragon are friends that are on a safari (in the backyard).  They hear noises that scare them but overcome that and even rescue a baby leopard (kitten).  Along the way they use manners, share and encourage one another. 

As I said, Bear loved this book.  In fact, when I got the copy and set it next to me for review, he spirited it away to his room.  It is HIS book :)  I believe it is written in England English (you know, with the accent) - there is a lot of "jolly good" and "cheerio".  I don't do a British accent and I find it slightly annoying.  Bear didn't know what a mum was so I switched it to mom while reading.  However, the book is very cute and it doesn't have to be read with a British accent so that is easy to overlook. 

The story at the end about Mount Sillymanborrow was super cute, even if Bear was too young to "get" it....I tried explaining and it didn't work so we will save that for later.  The last page contains questions to guide discussion with your child.  Very simple and thought provoking.  We don't always discuss books, but we did this time and Bear got more out of it than I thought.  Nice touch.

The Dragon and Turtle Go on Safari is available for $8.63 HERE.

***I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review***

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Encouraging Moments Newsletter

During the wiping, washing, sweeping, cleaning, folding, diapering, reading, loving and living sometimes I just need a break.  If it is Thursday, I look for Encouraging Moments Newsletter

You have heard me rant on and on over the years about TEACH magazine, right?  And you read the post about the new name, Eternal Encouragement?  Well, Lorrie has more for you!  Each Thursday Lorrie will send Encouraging Moments Newsletter to your email box FREE.  Yes, I said FREE.

Encouraging Moments is short but packed FULL of all kinds of goodies to encourage a mother's heart.  The issue I just finished reading discussed spiritual strongholds.  As always, Lorrie turns to God's Word to guide, direct and encourage.  

Also, Lorrie is on Facebook (who isn't????).  Tidbits from the weeks facebook discussion are available, as well as a link to Lorrie's facebook page. 

Upcoming dates to me Lorrie LIVE are listed as well.  Be sure to check and see if she is in your area - you don't want to miss it!  That is my dream!!!!!!!

Possibly the coolest thing in the newsletter is Chick Flicks for Mom.

During a quiet moment in your day, you can sit down and listen to Lorrie talk from her heart.  Honestly, these "flicks" are just like sitting at the kitchen table with Lorrie.  You can even submit questions or topics that you would like Lorrie to discuss and she will try to cover them in the future.  I think this is the best use of YouTube so far!  Lorrie covers all the bases with topics including homemaking, mommy-hood and marriage.

In case all the above isn't enough, a Timely Tip article from another reader is included.  I was encouraged this week by the testimonal about getting out of debt from Annie Herrick.  And finally, there is a link to subscribe to Eternal Encouragment Magazine (in case you haven't done so already - what are you waiting for???)

Subscribing to this FREE resource is soooo easy.....just go to and look for the box in the right hand corner.  It just takes seconds and the benefits are very worth it.

Also, head on over to to see what others are saying about this wonderful resource.

****“I am reviewing Encouraging Moments as an official member of The Gabby Moms blogging program for Eternal Encouragement magazine.  I did not receive compensation for this post and all opinions are solely my own.

Monday, February 21, 2011

St. Louis City Museum

"Bizarre......this is really bizarre."

Those are the words I heard spoken by a young college age fellow I happened to be walking past shortly after we entered the museum.  I think that bizarre is the most fitting description for that place.  You honestly have to see it, to believe it. 

On the drive home, while reviewing the day with my husband, we discussed how City Musuem was the best place for an imagination to grow.  Living in the boonies, there isn't anything like it here.  If we lived closer, I would buy a family pass and I don't say that about many places.

Upon entering the first level, there are the caves.  Filled with "rabbit holes" as my husband called them, they would disappear in one spot and reappear in another.  Abby (in her stroller) and I were even able to walk through several paths and ended up on the M level.  There was a restaurant :)  We took the elevator to the 2nd floor.  I don't remember what was on the 2nd level.....must not have been baby oriented.  LOL  I think that is where the hampster wheel was, and the hallway of mirrors.  The 3rd floor was where it was though :)  Several rooms were filled with architectural relics, bug collections and small critter models.  Then we found the train (for little kids only), an arcade room, snack bar, "sponge" room (lots of big sponges that you could build with), block area (Abby really liked that), a toddler room with toddler sized slides, ball pit and climbing things, circus (Abby and Bear LOVED the show), "creation area" (face painting, painting, etc), a room with Japanese paper cutting and rag doll making, sock skating, trampoline jumping..........It goes on and on.  The 4th floor and roof terrace were closed when we were there.  THEN outside, there were catwalks, a larger ball pit, slides, ropes.  Plenty of places to grab a snack or drink and rest. 

The older boys just wore themselves out.  Norman followed Bear everwhere he wanted to go, even when it was questionable that he would fit.  Poor guy ended up with fluid on his knee and "road rash" on his elbows.  He is still barely moving.  I rode an elevator and pushed a stroller for most of the day so I don't feel too bad.

This was the BEST place ever.  I would totally buy a family pass if we lived closer.  They were super busy but the nice employee I rode the elevator with one trip said that they are mainly dead from Sept - Feb.  I don't know why, I would absolutely go there in the winter.....tons to do inside for kids that can't go out and play.  All ages can find something to do....even Abby played with blocks.  HERE is their website if you want to check it out.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gone With The Wind

This is one of those cases where the movie doesn't do the book justice....but the movie is still lovely.

I REALLY need one of those dresses.  LOL

Anyway, I'm sitting here sipping echinachea tea hoping to nip the cold I am getting in the bud. We've got plans for the weekend and I really don't want to be sick.

I finished the quilt project I was working on and will get it to my customer this weekend.  Back to the tablecloth now :)  I'm still knitting swiffer cloths and hoping to maybe get a start on some dishcloths. 

My new "drool over" project book came in the mail this week......One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Projects by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins.  I would like to make just about everything.  LOL  I think I will start by making a dinosaur for Bear.....or laptop cases for the boys.....or a dress for Miss Abby.  Wherever to begin??? 

I've got some knitting needles on order and hope that they show up by the first of next week.  I've got lots of yarn sitting here waiting to be knit up.  Oh the projects to do!  There really needs to be more time!

Well, I think I shall head to bed and get a little extra rest.  I hope to rest, anyway.  Goodnight all!

Monday, February 14, 2011

I Smell Spring

I think it might be coming.  It can't get here quick enough for me!  It's been a long, hard winter, physically and emotionally for me and I am ready for spring and the promise of a new start. 

Because I don't really have anything else useful to say and because I have pictures that are dying to be shared, here ya go:
Bear has it made.  He leads a charmed life.  It doesn't get any better than making your 9 month old sister push you around in your dump truck.

Abby says she can do it....she's a big girl!

Yes, she did move him, but just a little.  It was actually in her best interest for him to be in the truck when she pulled up to it, otherwise it would have slipped out from under her.  She's not walking....quite....but she pulls up to everything and cruises around.  She didn't win the prize for earliest walker.....Bear walked at 8 months, Greg at 9 months and Lee at 10 months......She is just a hair over 9 months :)

That is my super informative post for the day.  Stay tuned for more interesting updates at a later time!  LOL

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Carie Creates

I've opened at Etsy shop!  You can go HERE to check it out.  If you are browsing around, my shop name is Carie Creates.  So far I only have dishcloths posted but I expect to have many new items in the next few weeks.  Help me out, and spread the word please!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Questions - Answered

Victoria, if the wet jet takes the "throw away" swiffer cloths (and I think it does) then this will work on it.

Briana, it does stretch a lot.  I think that even if it shrinks a little, like the dishcloths always do, that it will still fit as knitted.  The stitching allows for a lot of stretch too.

Julie, this is the 1st thing I've made from this book.  The patterns are very well written and easy to understand.  I am just dying to make the little Edwardian dress and jacket for Miss Abby :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Knitting Project - Reusable Swiffer Mop Cloth

That's a mouthful!  LOL  Anyway, I know many of you are waiting with baited breath for these photos, so I snapped them as soon as I got it finished.  I had to pry the mop out of Bear's hands....he was so eager to use it. 

The pattern, found in Mason-Dixon Knitting: Outside the Lines by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne, recommends using up little bits of leftover cotton yarn from dishcloth knitting.  I had a whole bag.  LOL  That is why it looks so.....eclectic.  I tried to tie the colors together with white but I don't think that it worked very well.

On the Swiffer.  Spray it with pledge to dry mop, get it wet to wet mop.  Fantastic!  I wet mopped my kitchen/dining room today and used 3 wet swiffer cloths.  I can't afford that.  This I can afford.  Mop and wash.  My kind of cleaning.

Bear wanted to model with the new mop.  He just about had to lay on the floor so I could get him and the mop cloth in the picture.

A happy little mopper. 

I still have the yarn out and the pattern is ready to go.  I think I need 3 more.  White probably isn't the best choice of colors but I have a lot of it.  Mason-Dixon Knitting: The Curious Knitter's Guide by the same authors has a matching dishcloth pattern in it.  Instructions are also given to make a dog sweater.    So Sadie could match my dishcloths and mop covers.  Fantastic, huh?  I will absolutely be using this pattern again.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Super Bowl and Other Stuff

We hosted a huge (to us) Super Bowl party here Sunday night.  34 people in total....many of them kids.  We had great fun!  Wonderful food - shrimp/sausage gumbo, wild game gumbo, beef stew, chips, dips, pizzas, pizza bread, fantastic desserts.....the list goes on and on.  I was rooting for the Steelers :(  So sad they didn't win...... but that's ok.  A good time was had anyway :)

I should have taken pictures while everyone was here.  It was a good thing we have such a big living room and so many TVs.  People were watching in Lee's bedroom, Greg's bedroom and our living room.  Crammed in like sardines.  LOL  Good times, good times.....

The snow/ice melted just enough to make the whole thing ice....and then it got cold it is like solid, smooth sheets of ice in our yard, driveway and some of the roads.  This afternoon I am venturing out to return movies to Effingham....I drove to church on Sunday and took Lee to the bus this morning.....I don't drive well on this stuff.  I don't remember when the last year was we had so much snow/ice/mess....and it has been so cold that it stays around forever.  We may never get rid of it.  I can't wait till spring gets here.  I need warm sunshine and flowers.

I think we will be planting a lot in planters this year since we don't know when we will be moving exactly.  We've had a couple of phone calls about the house and one couple wants to come see it but the weather slowed that down some.  Maybe warmer temps will bring just the right buyer.  I would love to be moved quick enough to plant a garden this year, but if not that's ok.  We will manage :)  We are usually given much produce and are sure to get some if we put the word out.  I am itching for a home-grown tomato.....oh the tastes of spring!!!!!

Well, I need to get back to work, so off I go.  Have a good day and stay warm!!!!!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Baby Burp Cloths

Today's project was some burp cloths for our minister's new grandbaby.  The expecting mother doesn't like pink (gasp!!!!) so I went with neutral yellow and green. 

A set of 3.  I thought that they turned out cute.

Rolled and tied up with some ribbon.....

Wrapped and tied with more ribbon. 

Bear and Abby played in Abby's crib while I was sewing. 

BEAR took this picture of me and Abby.  It is a terrible picture of me (why do I have such bags under my eyes????) but I doubt that there are many pictures of me and Abby so I thought I would share one.  You can see Sadie sleeping on the couch in the background.  LOL

So that was my day.  I got the burp cloths done and wrapped, I got the review done.  Bear, Abby and I played a lot and all the boys played outside.  Super Bowl party tomorrow!!!!!  Go Steelers!

A Review: The Miracle Of Mercy Land by River Jordan

Power outages are wonderful things when you have a book waiting to be read :)

The Miracle of Mercy Land is an intriguing book set in the south during the 1930's.  The story revolves around a mysterious book that arrives at the newspaper office.  The book shows the lives of those in Bay City, life choices made and those roads not traveled.  Everyone that "reads" the book says that the lives are felt rather than read about. 

Doc, the newspaper man and Mercy, his right-hand girl struggle to decide what to do with the book.  They don't understand why they have been entrusted with it or what they are to do with it.  As the story unfolds Doc brings a stranger into the mix, someone from his past and Mercy's past as well.  His being there muddies the waters and brings personal conflict for Mercy. 

While I will admit that this story is "out there", it is riveting.  It really makes you wonder about the intertwining lives of those in small towns.  Can one person's choice change the face of a town for 20 years?  That is the question that the book asks and Mercy is really the only one that can answer it.

If this book is any indication of future stories, I look forward to reading more by River Jordan. 

The Miracle of Mercy Land is available from Amazon for $11.89 or Books-A-Million for $9.64 (Club Members).  HERE you can read the first chapter for free :)

"I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review"

Friday, February 04, 2011

Abby's Legwarmers

I got them finished up while we were watching movies this afternoon.....I've already got plans for another pair :)  Anyway, here are the pictures:
Isn't she adorable???  She is rocking that cloth diaper and Thirsties cover too :)  They are almost too tight, that's all the higher they will pull up.

With her best buddy, Bear.  In case you were wondering, none of the males in this family ever wear shirts in the house....although it does look like Dad has one on in the picture below.  LOL  Today Lee wore his coat while outside, but no shirt.....Greg put on a shirt but no coat......I have no control.

All smiles.  Isn't she the sweetest thing you've ever seen?  We think so :)

Crawling on Bear is a good way to pass the time.  Normally he yells, "Don't eat me Abby, I'm not food!" but today he was being generous and didn't.  LOL

Ok, she's done.....crawling away.....till next time!

Thursday, February 03, 2011


We made it through the ice storm in one piece.  A generator is a wonderful thing :)  Many in our county are still without power although ours was only off for about 24 hrs. 

Today we made it out into the world.  Ryan's for lunch, Walmart for groceries, Family Video for movies and we are home again....snuggled up watching The A-Team.  Going to have buffalo burgers and fries for supper.  Yummy!

This is "Cooker Bear" in his new Cars apron that I whipped up on Tuesday.  I used the pattern for the girls apron in the book All Dolled Up: Sewing for Girls and Their Dolls by Joan Hinds.  Very easy.  It took about 30 mins. worth of sewing - but of course I eliminated the cupcake applique, the ruffle and modified the neck strap. Next time I make him an apron I will have to add a pocket.  Everyone needs a pocket :)

This is the kids Christmas Eve before we opened our gifts.  Sorry, I am slow :)

Bear loves it when I make him a blanket tent in the living room.  Actually, we have had one there for most of the winter.  Occasionally, he can coerce Abby into joining him.  So I quickly snapped a picture.  Aren't they sweet? 

I've got a review to do sometime this weekend, I want to finish Abby's legwarmers and get a picture posted and I need to actually finish the legwarmers and prepare for a Super Bowl party.  I also have a custom project that I am pushing to get finished for a customer.  Lots to do :)  Talk again soon!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Epic Ice Storm

I say epic, because I don't really remember one this bad before.  They said it would get as bad as it did in 1988, but I was only 11 so I don't really remember that.  It started sleeting last night and is still at it.  Sometime this evening it is supposed to change to snow.  At this point I don't think it matters.  LOL 

Norman bought us a generator and we have 2 electric space heaters to hook up to it.  A camp stove will be for cooking.  So far the power is still on but it is just a matter of time.  Who knows how long it will be out. 

I will update when I am able.  Stay safe and warm friends!