Saturday, May 12, 2007

8 Random Things About Me

I was tagged by Candy so here goes:

1. I always wanted to have 10 children

2. I LOVE being pregnant

3. I love to do laundry (wash, dry, fold) but I HATE to put it away.

4. I can read over 300 pages of an interesting book in one day (assuming I do NOTHING else all day)

5. I love history, both studying it and anything historical.

6. I really want to wear a hoop skirt with all those petticoats and stuff one day

7. I clean when I am mad

8. I love to bake bread (and eat it straight out of the oven too)

Most of you probably aren't surprised by this list.......but maybe some of you are!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Baby Clothes and Stuff

Beautiful blue skies and bright sunshine have greeted us today. It truly is a beautiful day.....straight from the hand of God.

After worship services and a pie social this a.m. we came home. I have zig-zag stitched some fabric that I bought at JoAnn's to make receiving blankets. It is now in the washer and heading to the dryer to be shrunk. After that is done I am going to iron and sew the blankets together. I ventured out into the garage after that was started and fetched 2 rubbermaid boxes of baby clothes that I had stored. About 2/3 of them were definately boys clothes, sized 0-6 months, but the other 1/3 was "universal" clothes (yellow/green/white sleepers, gowns and onesies), receiving blankets, a crib sheet, burb rags and a few pair of socks. That is all going into the wash next. I will probably wash the load of boys clothes also and then return them to the rubbermaid tote. That way they will be ready if I need them and if not I can go ahead and donate them to the crisis pregnancy center.

I am beginning my 14th week of pregnancy and really feeling everything coming together. My tummy is tender in spots where it is starting to grow. I may make it into my maternity clothes yet :)

I will try to be more diligent about updated! I have a doctor's appt. on May 14th and will try to update everyone then :)