Friday, April 20, 2007

Poison Ivy

It strikes us every year, although this year the victim was surpising to me. Greg showed signs of having poison ivy on Wed. and by today (Friday) his face was swollen and the rash was very close to his left eye. This is the kid that doesn't usually get poison ivy. I called the doctor's office and the took him in. He received the standard shot and prednisone pills. Should be all better by tomorrow afternoon. Lee has a couple of small, localized patches so he is taking poison ivy baths and benadryl and hoping that it doesn't spread. They have been playing in the woods a lot lately and mushroom hunted on Wednesday. The biggest surpise is that I have 4 small patches of poison ivy. I haven't been in the woods. I haven't bee weeding in the garden or yard. I have barely been out of the house this week. And yet I have poison ivy :( I am treating it topically and taking OB approved benadryl. I hope it clears up because I don't know if they will give me the shot and prednisone while I am pregnant. I guess if it gets bad enough they will, but I don't want to have to take something that will harm the baby.

Speaking of baby, things are going well. I have been maintaining weight and feel like most of the morning sickness is gone. I am still gaggy, but I can eat and am functioning about as well as I ever did. Laziness is hard to conquer when you have a good excuse not to do anything :) I am a little disappointed that my belly isn't pooched out more yet. By now I was wearing maternity clothes with the boys, although that may have been more out of excitement than need. Now, I only have a couple of maternity items so I am trying not to wear them until I NEED too.......I wish that time would hurry up. It would be great if this pregnancy was visible. Remind me I said that in August!

The weather here has been fantastic so we took the week off of school for "spring break". We only have about 3 weeks of work left so we should be finishing up soon. I look forward to starting our new year in July, but I have a lot of work left to do until then. I am praying for strength!!!

I guess that is all for now. Please pray that this poison ivy goes away!!!!! Thanks!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Homeschool Tuesday

Today was just another day in our fabulous homeschool. I find that most days the routine runs itself :)

15 mins. independent reading (almost done with Boxcar Children book 1)
20 mins. book basket (he was reading about the moon)
spelling practice
copywork (a verse fromGenesis)
Math review sheet
Math fact practice (using fact cards and wrap ups)
Victory Drill Book

30 mins. independent reading (Revenge of the Shadow King)
20 mins. book basket (he was reading about the phases of the moon)
spelling quiz (he missed 1 and wrote it 5 times for practice)
critical thinking worksheet (from Math Detective book)
Math review sheet
Latin (workbook activity and flashcards)
Victory Drill Book

We read about Balaam and his donkey. We also read another chapter from Tirzah. This morning the boys helped dad mow the yard. This afternoon they went to grandma and grandpa's house for a while.

We usually take Wednesday off from formal schooling because daddy is home. Unless we manage to do something spectacular, I won't post again until Thursday :)

Have a great day!

Homeschool Monday

Candy is hosting a Homeschool Week over at here blog, so I thought that I would join in. Here is a look at our Monday:

Greg (7 years old - 1st grade)
15 mins. independent reading (Boxcar Children book #1)
20 mins. book basket reading
Italic handwriting page (he was working on numbers 0-5)
Math-u-see page (it was a review page, he is working on addition)
Spelling quiz (he aced it....moving on to the next list)
He spent probably 10 mins. working on his math facts using fact cards and wrap ups.
He is on the last page in Victory Drill Book, a speed reading drill book so he worked on that. The words are 3 syllable (generous, character, ect.)

Lee (9 years old - 4th grade)
30 mins. independent reading (Revenge of the Shadow King)
20 mins. book basket reading
Italic Handwriting page (he is working on cursive capital letters)
Math-u-see page (review page, he is working on multiplication)
Spelling practice and review of words
Latin exercises (he is learning future tense verb endings - we forgot to do flashcards)
He worked through his 3 Victory Drill book pages.
He also spent about 10 mins. working through fact cards and wrap ups for multiplication practice.

We have virtually abandoned science for the year. We finished everything that I wanted to get through so now we are done. And lets face it.....watching the huge snapping turtle cross the yard the other day is way more exciting than any book lesson.
For history we learned about the 40 years of wilderness wanderings by the Israelites for their failed trust in God. We also read a chapter in Tirzah.

That is about it. Things are winding down here so we are dropping subjects as we finish books. History and Bible will be the last to go (along with math) and we should finish our "year" in May sometime. We will probably take a very short break and then start the next "year" in early June assuming that I have ordered the rest of my books by then. I am also hoping to garner enough energy over the next couple of weeks to finish next years lesson plans :)

I will continue to post what we are doing this week for anyone interested, but to be honest it will probably just be more of the same thing. We aren't very exciting but we are consistent!